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After being promoted to Senior Director and transitioning into a role where I was leading matrixed resources and had to get things done through influence, I asked my company for an Executive Coach to help me be successful. Julieann initially helped with career development, goal setting, and workplace success strategies. All elements were extremely helpful, but what made this an outstanding, career altering experience, was our work with Stakeholder Management. Julieann has the tools, experience, approach, and frameworks to help turn business relationships around. She helped me navigate through situations where I lacked authority, but had the accountability, and learned how to use influence. I was able to turn strained relationships into more positive interactions, transactional relationships into true partnerships and ultimately to accept things that were out of my control. I would highly recommend Julieann to anyone seeking broad or targeted professional coaching and look forward to working with her in the future!

As a small business owner, I hired Julieann as my Executive Coach.  Her business background and personable coaching style made her a perfect choice to help me. With Julieann's guidance and support, I have acheived more than I ever thought possible. I can't thank her enough and would highly reccommend Julieann to anyone looking for an Executive Coach.


-- Shirley Johnson, Owner

SMART Management & Residential Solutions, LLC.

Julieann is currently coaching me through a new chapter of "job-life" (if not life in general!). She has so many great coaching qualities: intelligent, compassionate, perceptive, a great communicator/listener, intuitive, nonjudgemental, and most of all—encouraging! With her, it's a two way exchange of energies, learning, and brainstorming. She helps me see the control I have over a career path, and clarity in the fog of uncertainty or self doubt. She helps me set tangible goals, important details to focus on, and helps me remember what I've accomplished if I'm feeling discouraged. I am very grateful for her knowledge, advice, and positive energy. Julieann has a sincere interest and desire to help people, and I highly recommend her!

--Julie Larkin

Freelance Production Artist/Graphic Designer

In my career, few people have made the impact quite like Julieann. She has helped me to think more clearly about my career path both in terms of what I have to offer potential employers and colleagues and how to better define my aspirations and manage my growth. Her insight always strikes the right balance between long-term strategies and here-and-now actions to keep moving forward. Her background and skills are grounded in strategic business savvy, which lends a practicality to her thinking and ideas many in her field can’t match. Above all, Julieann sees you as a whole person, with motivations and challenges outside of the work environment that she takes into consideration as she provides support and coaching.


-- John Doyle

Executive Director of Brand Experience at Colle+McVoy

Working with Julieann has been one of the highlights of my career. Her seasoned background makes her a wonderful resource and her attitude and diplomacy make for someone with whom you can truly partner. She's a highly skilled communicator who can read the dynamics of any situation, and then take action in a calm and collected manner. She balances executive presence with approachability and I respect and admire her on both a personal and professional level. 


-- Marisa Ruiz

Business Owner, MVR Talent

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